Healthcare sector is being disrupted by software on multiple fronts. When electric meters, and elevators are sending diagnostic information, should the human body be far behind? This diagnostic data can be leveraged to provide better health outcomes. Doctors are facing increasing challenges in maintaining satisfied patients and are eager to provide help with higher quality of care, at affordable prices while giving a convenient platform that can add value to their patients.

Doctily is eager to leverage the market by providing an integrated platform which will connect doctors and patients to improve health outcomes. While doctors are taking care of the mechanics of clinic management, we would also like to emotionally connect our end-users to manage their health. There is a massive opportunity to disrupt this important domain using cloud based technology which will provide intelligence using machine learning, accurate and relevant info to our users and help doctors manage their patients’ health successfully.

Come and join our team of doctors, engineers with decades of experience building solutions for enterprises in the USA and investors who have successfully managed companies worth hundreds of Crores/INR. This is a great opportunity for you to join a heath-care startup and grow with it. Doctily is backed by investors from the USA and India who have over 7 years of specific experience in the Health Industry.


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